The Bathroom Begonia

The Bathroom Begonia is a series of six simple and effective exercises that fit seemlessly into your existing beauty routine. It’s an easy way to include a workout in any time-crunched day.When you purchase the Bathroom Begonia, you receive the flower, which explains the exercises, a sand hourglass to time each exercise and attach the flower to your bathroom mirror, and a brochure with a checklist you can use to get the most from your workout. As a bonus, we included the Reading Rose Bookmark, which has six extra exercises you can do without getting out of bed.


The Office Orchid

Office Orchid Shop

The Office Orchid is a series of six simple and effective exercises the fit seamlessly into your work day. When you purchase the Office Orchid, you receive a 24 oz. double walled tumbler, which has illustrations of exercises by the renowned Greg Paprocki. All exercises are done while executing your everyday work place tasks. You also receive a bonus Office Orchid bookmark with six stretches you can do without leaving your desk chair, as well as a brochure and checklist to ensure you get the most from your workout.


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