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“Flower Power: 8 Minutes, 6 Exercises, 1 Great Body”

December 14, 2012 – Information, inspiration and entertainment site My Daily Moment featured the Bathroom Begonia in their Diet & Fitness section.

From the article: “For many women (and men), time isn’t on their sides. At least to hear them tell it. A Normal Barinteractive survey took a look at why people do not exercise on a regular basis. More than 30 percent of the 22,000 people questioned identified a lack of time as the culprit keeping them from getting physically fit. It’s an excuse that resonates with Pilates instructor and personal trainer Estelle Shaw…”
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Fitness Flower launch party was a huge success!

December 13, 2012 – Thank you to everyone who made it to Shore Fit! Here’s a picture of Shore Fit’s owner, Sarah Jeffries, and Estelle Shaw next to the Fitness Flower tower.









Fitness Flower featured in lifestyle blog

December 12, 2012 – Beach City Life Style

From the site: “I’m always a fan of people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. I know how scary it can be to create something from your vision and present it to anyone, let alone the public at large. Estelle Shaw is a South Bay local who I met through my blog. I’m so excited for her that she is launching her company and first product this month. I think it’s such a great concept and idea, and she’s the perfect one to represent the line, as she is a busy working mom herself…”







We are in our first store!!

November 17, 2012 – Shore Fit, 1012 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Come by and check out their cool workout wear and the Fitness Flower!

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Get Toned While Flossing or Moisturizing

August 1, 2012 – One of the best excuses for not working out is not having enough time.   Like it or not, that excuse is no longer valid.  Created by a fitness-minded and busy mother, the Bathroom Begonia teaches users how to make the most of their morning or evening bathroom routine.  Through six different exercises that are paired with activities such as gargling with mouthwash and flossing, even the busiest can sneak in a body-toning workout.

The Bathroom Begonia clings to any mirror and comes with an attached sand hourglass to time each exercise.  The workout doesn’t end in the bathroom, though.  Also included is the Reading Rose Bookmark, which contains six extra exercises that utilize the time between crawling into bed and falling asleep.  And because it’s so easy to cheat during a workout, the Bathroom Begonia comes with a checklist designed to ensure users make fitness progress while using the Bathroom Begonia and Reading Rose Bookmark.

The Bathroom Begonia is available for sale online at

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